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Welcome to Corfu / Kerkyra (Unesco World Heritage Site)

Private VIP Chauffeur Services Corfu

The lavish and verdant island of Corfu lies North in the Ionian Sea, between mainland Greece and Italy. The island has a long and vibrant history. First colonized by the city-state of Corinth, Corfu has been ruled by the Romans, the Venetians, the French and the English. Corfu Town is home to fortresses bearing the insignia of the Venetian Republic, an esplanade beautifully designed by the French during the Napoleonic Wars, and an English cricket pitch. The island is one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan and offers some of the finest coastal scenery in the entire Mediterranean. Whether a shore visit or multi day holiday indulge your self in one of our luxurious outings.


Welcome to Zante / Zakynthos

Private VIP Chauffeur Services Corfu

Zakynthos (AKA Zante) is the most Southern of the Ionian Islands. It is home to the WWF protected ‘Caretta Caretta’ sea Turtle and boasts the most photographed beach in the world the famous ‘Navagio’ beach, also known as ShipWreck Beach. This gem of the South is covered in lush olive groves and hides amazing natural coves on its never-ending coastlines. Zakynthos (Zante) is easy to visit and in a full day one can truly view the islands beauties.